– Proposed Internet Start-up Looking for Entreprepreneurs, Team Members

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Consultant Rapha Solomon Light

With this proposed image, public media, personality, election and acting promotions corporation, clients can vie/campaign and take a stand as world administrator, prime minister, president, chancellor and any office of ANY organization, in any and all languages to media, government offices, news agencies, businesses.

It’s your best chance to end earth’s worst problems….

The intriguing part of this company is not just public response, but potential clients.  Of course those who actually run for public and private office can employ and use, which remains in existence indefinitely, yet the focus of this start-up is the poor, mental patients, drug addicts, felons, the disenfranchised and even the dead, Archangels, God(s) and ET’s!  That’s right, you can literally run your unborn child as world administrator for any and all public offices, and safely run a symbol, a pen name and an organization!

Do not say those who turn the world on its…

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Social Media 101: 9 Steps to Creating an Amazing LinkedIn Profile

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The Life of a Working Girl

attracting an audience

I absolutely love LinkedIn! As a social media platform for professionals, it has everything that you need to show case your work and truly stand out from the crowd. However, I’ve noticed that people don’t really use LinkedIn to their advantage.

The big question is: What makes LinkedIn is so much different from just having a resume? In my opinion, careers, business & networking have all seriously changed. You used to go to conferences or meetings and wait for that question: ‘so what do you do?’ It was enough to simply reply with a job title and follow this up with a business card.

Now it’s different, people don’t just want to hear about your work, they need to see examples. Especially in industries that have only just begun to take off recently such as: App designing, content managing, online community management, blogging and so on. The beauty of LinkedIn is…

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Chipotle Signs Exclusive Deal With Food Delivery Start-Up Postmates by MIKE ISAAC and STEPHANIE STROM

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technology jobs nyc


Chipotle’s burritos are a smartphone tap away through an official partnership with the delivery start-up Postmates.

Published: April 22, 2015 at 06:00PM

from NYT Technology

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Sohn Conference: Stock picks from 5 top hedge fund managers

Really interesting figures to see how all folds out!


On stage at Lincoln Center in Manhattan for the 20th annual Sohn Investment Conference, a slate of renowned hedge fund managers from David Einhorn to Bill Ackman had 15 minutes apiece to pitch their best investment ideas.

Following Einhorn’s presentation on why he is shorting Pioneer Natural Resources and other oil frackers, a series of stock pickers discussed their bullish bets.

Here’s a rundown of who’s long on which companies, and why:

Barry Rosenstein, founder and managing partner of Jana Partners: Qualcomm

Extolling the virtues of shareholder activism, Rosenstein described what he called a “before and after picture” of investor influence in the boardroom—using as his examples two companies in which Jana Partners had invested in order to push for improvements to the business. “One is working constructively with shareholders, and I think one will in the future,” Rosenstein said.

The first (the “after” picture) was Walgreens, which…

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